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Sometimes you just have to think about your life,sitting back and meditate what kind of life you are living. Why should you be compared with someone else. The truth is many people don’t know it not good to be compared with another individual because you don’t know what the person plans for his/her future maybe like.

     We all have a target to face and make good of everything in life but we need to put in great hardworking to be successful. We do hear lot of people talk about the future, saying Aim For The Future. But how can we aim for the future when the present isn’t stable? As there’s a saying “the future is now”. People desire for their future to be great but can we think of what seems to be right when the pathway to it isn’t proper or right? No we can’t because everything in our life should be balanced 
    Everyone always have the mindset of archiving their goal but most people don’t know the procedures/steps you would have to face before you get there. This is a brief summary of a man’s story who wishes for a bright furture saying he would have all the possession for a good healthy family. As humans we do have lots of thought in mind looking at the good side of everything(imagination). 
       Steps to set to achieve a brighter future
1. Always be prepared
2. Have a destined goal and face the challenges
3. Create a good time for yourself
4. Always have a plan.
5. Be smart.
6. Always make out researches on your work
7. Be a good time consumer
8. Be vigilant
9. Be confident and always have courage in yourself.

Please let take note: we don’t wish for a bright future but we aim first a bright future.


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  • Unknown, November 4, 2020 @ 12:34

    Wow am speechless. ..

    I feel motivated right now

    This is amazing

    Thank you

    I would love to see you write more of this ❤💪