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Good manners are not a luxury, but a necessity. As social human beings we have to live carefully in the society,to behave in an acceptable manner to others by being aware of others and showing respect. We in turn will obtain respect from other people and it helps to open doors in business and in our social life

Social graces are skills used to interact politely in social situations like at home, work and the general society which include etiquette, behavior, body language and appearance. Etiquette on the other hand is a code of polite conduct based on social acceptance and efficiency.

The importance of Social Grace and etiquette helps us to interact politely and easily in public to give us the ability and skills to easily apply written and unwritten rules of conducts. Like it is often said; Character is like smoke which cannot be hidden: As time goes on, it will be seen. So we need to make conscious efforts to improve on our attitude and behavior through conscious grooming of ourselves in necessary areas, reading books that work on our behavior and training on soft and communication skills for different environment.

Concluding with Jeannette Walls saying stated “Even though I was getting better education at home than any of the kids in Toyah, I’d need to go to finishing school when I was thirteen, both to acquire Social Grace and to earn a diploma. Because I’m this world it’s not enough to have a fine education. You need a piece of paper to prove you got the skill.



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