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    Well won’t actually say technology has changed the world but instead has improved the world. And when I mean improve, it has made things easy for us. The stress of some of our work has been reduced. But have we thought on this that if technology does all the work, what would humans do though there could be times machines would be in charge of food and material resources.
    Technology was supposed to assist us in our daily activities and not take over it. We have been affected with a lot of development though it has helped. Thinking back in the Ancient Days, they had no technology but still created weapons used for hunting through human reasoning, they also merged stones together and used it for counting. Technology wasn’t a priority for them if they could create one but they would be lack of resources due to availability.      Technology has brought a positive and negative effect to the society. It has caused coercion among fellow individuals, it has led to false News broadcast on governmental system and it has made cybercrime/fraudulent activities as ways of making money all this are the negative effects of technology..What is Technology?
Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Technology could also mean the sum of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods and services or in the accomplishment of objectives.(wikipedia)
   Over the years technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. It has created amazing tools and resources putting useful information at our fingertips.       Ways technology improved the world
1. It made communication easier.
2. It brought for more learning techniques
3. It reduced the rate of thinking and stress         of the brain and body.
4. It has given business organization ideas on how to grow their business.* Making communication easier:   Technology has helped the world to determine how people interact with each other. Though it could have positive and negative effects. The internet, social medias and cell phones have made communication easier for people.
* It has made learning easier and interactive: it helps people engage with the material in which they are learning from, the facilities provided in schools for learning with the creation of internet, students can partake in quiz competition, vocabulary learning e.t.c. Teachers could also hold an online class, which was effective due to the pandemic outbreak [COVID-19]. It also expands the classroom, encouraging self-paced learning.
* Technology has reduced stress and thinking: Since scientist have brought up ideas that could reduce stress and too much thinking, they had come together with their ideas to create machines that would do the work while we humans so the thinking. It has helped to reduce stress and depression.
* Technology has given business organization ideas on how to grow their business. As the development of technology centuries ago, business are been advertised, it has given the idea of Social media, emails, websites and the internet. People get to post about their business and give job employment online. E.g a brand influencer can get more customers by posting about their products on the internet or through social media, it has also given room for online marketing where different products are been advertised by an organized group of marketers e.g Jumia, konga,Spar and mostly eatery’s. They advertise their products to the community. It has also brought the people more close to government thought the mass media and social medias.


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