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There should be a mindset that there are positive and negative effects of living a Social Life.
     The positive effects of living a Social Life include:
1. Interaction with peers: This is in the sense that a good flow would be nice among peers having a (get together meeting, bringing up interesting topics like;games, sports,music and so on.

2. Expanding your brand with peers: Among our peers in Offices, School, Clubs etc we do have friends who has that popularity among us either by the way he/she dresses, speaks or brings up interesting topics. How we do expand our brand is by being free with people tell them what you feel and also learn from them.

3. Having  Social Relationship: This is any relationship between two or more individuals. This special case if social relations can exist without communication taking place between the actors involved.

4. Broaden one’s Horizon: Having a social Life, expands one’s understanding, knowledge or experience towards something.
   It helps in knowing how to be creative to create more options in one’s Social Life. It could also mean to learn more about oneself up to other things rather than stick with one singular perspective.

5. It reduces Stress: Everyone experiences Stress. It affects our Social Life, Health and Well-being. It is important to tackle it as soon as possible. According to the Mental Health Organization. UK, there are common signs and symptoms you can look out for
* Depression
* Low self-esteem
* Feelings of Constant worry or Anxiety.
* Using Alcohol, Tobacco or illegal drugs to relax. 


1. Improvement on physical fitness
2. Connect you to humanity (Social Awareness).
3. It provides a balance. 



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