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Religion is a sacred engagement with which is believed to be a spiritual reality, it is a worldwide phenomenon that has played a significant part in all human culture.
  In all culture, human beings make practice of interacting with what is taken to be spiritual powers. These powers may be in the form of gods, spirits ancestors or any of sacred reality with which many humans believe themselves to be connected. In everyday life, people practice religion making divine reference to his or her creator for guidance and protection.
  Talking about religion in Nigeria which has become a controversial issue, perhaps due to the diverse nature of the country, Nigeria is structured in such a way that permitted the growth and expansion of diverse religious forms and practices. Religious body are established in a way that the society view it from their own perspective according to group or individual set up, hence Nigeria constitution does not prohibit group establishment, religious body rather specifically prohibited the establishment, religious body rather specifically prohibited the establishment of a state religion.
  Religious group in Nigeria is a voluntary organization that must contend their membership by their own effort. Nigeria constitution provides for freedom of religion expression and assembly, for this reason there is no cultural test that must be found before ideas are exposed.
There are no restriction of time of meeting and place of meeting not withstanding that religion which supposed to be a means of setting dispute for peaceful coexistence in the present Nigeria has ended to be biggory, falseful and wishful thinking, indoctrination and fanaticism which has influence by relious leaders as a complicating factor in Nigeria society has denied Nigeria religious tolerance.



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